Web Proxy

Free Web Proxy site to bypass filters and unblock blocked websites anonymously


Unrestricted Access

With our free web proxy WebProxy.Club unblock and access any blocked websites from accross the globe

Secure and Fast Proxy

With our lightning fast SSL proxy browse websites at high speed without exposing your identity with SSL encryption

Streaming Video Proxy

Our video proxy is optimized for streaming videos on video sharing websites like YouTube, DailyMotion, etc.

Facebook and YouTube support


With our web proxy unblock facebook, and stay connected with your friends in blocked zones such as school, college or work.


YouTube blocked on your network or your favorite show is restricted on your country? No worries! Now Unblock YouTube and watch unlimited videos with our video proxy.

Benefits of using a Web Proxy


Our Web proxy hides your real IP address and allows you to browse websites anonymously without exposing your identity

Access Blocked Websites

You can unblock and access any websites blocked on your local network or those blocked by your ISP without any restrictions

Secure and Private Browsing

As WebProxy.Club uses SSL (https) to encrypt communication, you browsing on our web proxy stays secured and private all the time

High Speed Browsing

Our proxy server caches most requests that it gets, result of which the response is very fast since the resourse comes from proxy server and not from the actual server

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